Why is My Boiler in Lombard, IL, Leaking Water?

If your boiler leaks water, there’s something wrong with it. The leak can signify a developing issue that worsens this fall. Read on to learn about some possible reasons your boiler in Lombard, IL, is leaking water.

Faulty Pressure Valves

Boiler valves emit pressure, but water leaks may provide an area for it to escape and result in an explosion. A boiler’s standard pressure is 18 to 21 PSI. Your boiler may leak water if it’s operating at a pressure of over 21 PSI.

If your boiler is operating at high pressure, it may be due to sediment accumulation that prevents pressure valves from managing the boiler’s pressure. Use the following steps to test whether the boiler has sediment build-up.

First, shut the boiler off and let it cool. After it has cooled, release water for four to five seconds by lifting the pressure relief lever. The water should come out clean and with some pressure.

Go ahead and shut the valve. If water still leaks, sediment could be building up. Repeat the process until the relief valve closes.

If the relief valve fails to close, shut the water feed valve and replace it. If there’s no water discharge, there’s sediment build-up in the valve, and it needs replacement.

Faulty Temperature Valves

If the temperature of your boiler gets too high, it may result in other issues. Temperature examination is good, as it helps you regulate the temperature in the boiler. In case the temperature is high, you may need component maintenance or replacement.

Corrosion in Boiler

Corrosion can also be a cause of leaking water; it happens when frequent exposure to varying temperatures of water weakens the pipework your boiler uses to function. Over time, corrosion can weaken tanks and pipes; pressurized water will seek out weaker areas in an attempt to escape the boiler, thus causing leaks.

While some corroded pipes and valves can be easy to replace, this isn’t always the case. More importantly, ignoring corrosion can result in extensive damage to your entire boiler.

We’re proud to offer a range of plumbing services throughout Lombard, IL. Contact Bogdan Company for any air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality and boiler services you may need today.

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